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Thread: Hello world

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    Hello world

    Hi all,
    Am inheriting some koi, not sure of the breeds or lineage. Likely to be Israeli koi and between 10 - 20 years old.
    Never had my own pond before but have dug out a couple for my dad who has passed. Been getting to grips with cleaning filters etc. over the last few months.
    Other half has ok'd a pond in our garden. Please be gentle with any dumb questions that pop up from me about setups, equipment, and general care.

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    hi mate and welcome
    there is no such thing as a dumb question, I found the people on here very friendly and give some very good advice. So fire away with all your questions and good luck with your new hobby.

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    Hi and welcome Rd , as said no such thing as a dumb question on here so ask away and hope we can help.

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    Welcome along ..
    Democracy falls down at the point where you have to persuade stupid people to vote for you..

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