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    Noobie member saying hi!

    Been keeping fish in ponds for pretty much my whole adult life, but only last year decided to go all out on a pond upgrade.
    Replacing my 'not really attractive' brick built pond I rebuilt entirely from the ground up, utilising a Burtons 300 combo drum filter, bottom drain, variable speed pump for the filter and waterfall, and UV with the whole inside tanked with fibreglass. Lights are Philips Hue, outdoor spots mounted above the water line, colour changing or statics, can set themes via Smart control.
    Have mainly Goldfish at the moment with a few Koi, a ghost carp, some nice size Tench and a recent addition diamond back Sturgeon. Loving the windows and can appreciate the fish more now can actually see them!
    Had a few issues during the recent cold snap with a cracked joint inside the drum filter, where the ice fractured a union fitting. So will look at adding some trace heating to the spray bar, and get some polycarbonate covers fitted to the pond of the really cold days. No doubt there will be questions along the way of my Koi journey!
    Credit to the pond build goes to 'That Pond Guy' who helped me with the design and subsequent build.

    . IMG_2861.jpg

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    Looks good nice build, hoping to add a EZpond with window myself come spring but not so grand as that
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    welcome along ..
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    Your pond looks really nice, and a decent filter as well.

    You can't be too far from me as Matt is pretty local, helped me out during a time of need late last year, a top bloke.



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