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    Hi All - New Member Here :)

    Hi everyone, My name is James, im a 40 something year old from Ashford in Kent, who has been keeping fish of various guises since the age of 15. I've recently got into the "Koi Hobby" and have a 2m by 2m by 1m above ground pond. I run 2x baracuda 6500 pumps and another 2500lph unbranded pump all running into 3 10,000 lph pressure filters. Each Filter has a 9w UV and I have an additional 25w UV that all water passes from the pond through (plumbimg was a nightmare). I have 7 Koi. 3 are about 18inch and 4 are about 10 inches. I also have 2 diamond back sturgeon that are about 6 inches long. Im loving the hobby and hope you guys and girls can pass on your vaulable knowledge on the do's and dont's, as well as helping me identify some of my fish Varieties.

    So Thats me and my set up in a nutshell

    Looking forward to chatting with you all

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    Hi and welcome!

    I have a similar size pond just over 4500 liters or 1000 gallons. With pond this size (small) and given your fish load - Id recommend replacing the pressure filters with something more substantial. I dont want to spent 1000 quid plus on a secondhand drum filter, so opted for the next best thing - a big Oase Biotec 36 box filter which I clean once a week at least.



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