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    Hi from Kent - 1st pond build

    Hi just started building my first pond. Its only about 4400 litres as limited space but trying to do everything right first time rather than wishing i had done it differently.

    Just started blockwork today. Any tips welcomeIMG-20220922-WA0021.jpg

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    Probably a bit late now, but you could double that volume if you dug down as well below ground, koi grow big and quick and that pond will be very full very quickly with more than a couple of fish. Not trying to put a dampener on things for you just trying to help

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    we all have to start somewhere, you don't know how you are going to like it until you keep them
    yeah, they outgrew my first 1000 gallon pond in just over a year...
    spent the following year rebuilding it

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    Yes that is something i considered and will probably regret not doing. Bottom drain and base all done now. I may be able to go a another couple of blocks higher to gain some extra volume.

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    Not putting A window in Is one ( of many ) regrets I have

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    Ive gone for a 1200 x 600 window .

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