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    Question New Koi On The Block

    Hi all,
    Iíve just moved house which happens to come with a Koi Carp pond along with 17 fish of varying sizes. As Iíve never kept Koi before Iíll be asking a few questions, hope thatís ok. A bit more about the pond and then Iíll get on with some questions:
    The pond is 6000 gallons and has what seems to be a very good filtration unit, the first section of which is a big vortex with a 6Ē diameter tube covered in mesh leading to the next section. 2nd section is a tank full of eight rows of eight big bottle brushes. 3rd section is a bank of some sort of fine spongy filters (sorry, told you I as new to this) with a bag of seashells (!?!) on top. Thereís also a couple of UV tubes in the system (30W and 55W). The system also has two large aerators bubbly away all the time and a skimmer which I only use if thereís debris on top.

    My first questions:
    1. Does the mesh around the tube in the vortex need to be fine? It was when I first got here, but I found I had to clean it out at least once every day. Iíve since removed the fine mesh and left just a course mesh and cleaning every other day. My thinking on this is the filters should get finer as the water goes through the system, so didnít make sense to start with a fine filter.

    2. Do the aerators need to be left on 24/7?

    3. The water has just started to look a bit greener recently. Is this normal for this time of year or do I need to do something?

    Thanks in anticipation of some helpful feedback.


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    Hi Peanuts,
    I'm no expert but your set up sounds quite dated by modern standards and will require regular attention/cleaning. In the summer the air is more important so I would leave on for now and maybe look at scaling back in Autumn. If the water is greening my guess would be the UV bulbs are getting old/not working and need changing. It wont hurt the fish but spoils your enjoyment of them.
    Finally it might help if you said what part of the country you are and maybe see if someone local could call in for a look see and offer advice. In my limited experience koi can take a lot of looking after

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like your going to be busy with a pond that size!

    Filters and aerators need to be left running all the time.

    Green water could is an indication that the UV tubes are past their best and need new bulbs.

    I've never had this type of filtration so will leave it to others to advise how best to manage and clean it and to explain the mesh (sieve?) you refer to, but it would not be uncommon to have to clean these types of filters very regularly. I assume the pond is quite mature and established. Nowadays most people with a pond that size opt for Drum filters which don't require maintenance (or at least nowhere near as much).

    Does the pond have a bottom drain or are the filters fed by pump?

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    Thanks very much for your replies AlanF and RS2000.
    It is a mature pond, about 15 years I believe.
    I also thought it may have been the UVs which were replaced in April this year. I did check them yesterday and I suspect the connection on one is suspect, itís definitely working now. Iím hoping this may have been the cause 🤞🏼
    The filters are fed by pumps which all seem to be working fine.
    I live just south of Chesterfield and would welcome anyone whoíd be able to visit for advice.

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