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    Newbie with some build questions!

    Hello All,

    I have browsed this forum many times but never actually registered, so here i am with some questions.

    Having recently moved house i had to build a new pond to house my 4 small fish, the pond itself is only 2200gal but i need some filtration advice. (The pond doesn't have a bottom drain as i found cables and pipes running to the garage)

    My thoughts were

    Retro Drain > Vari Pump > UV > Compact Sieve> Easy Pod (Gravity Mod) > Return

    I am looking to spend around £1000 and i already have; Small Kockney Koi Filter, UV & Bioforce Pressure Filter & Pump

    I was also looking at a incorporating a separate skimmer line or using the pressure filter on a Bakki shower? (subject to funds)

    Ease of maintenance is quite important but most importantly keeping the water perfect for the fish. I am often away during the week and the wife is not a fan of emptying out multibays and washing them out!

    I would love to hear some suggestions!

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    An Easy Pod is too small for 2200 Gallons (Nice size pond BTW)

    A Pod will only really handle about 1000 Gallons for Koi. The idea of a sieve in front of it is a good one, as the Pod pretty much becomes 100% Bio rather than trying to be both mechanical and bio. They are great as a second filter for a skimmer.

    What is the small KK Filter?

    I would maybe look for a used Nexus 200 / 220. This will be ideal for your 2200 Gallons. You don`t necessarily need a sieve before it, but it would help with maintenance.

    I run a shower from a skimmer, but you need good mechanical filtration before your shower media. My top tray (3 tray) has 6 layers of foam (3 grades) that I have to clean every 3-4 days.

    The KK filter you have could well be used effectively somewhere and may be ideal for your skimmer line or in conjunction with an easy pod.

    You could use the pod before it and have the KK full of Jap matt which would give you a great bio set up.

    Sieve - Pod - Multibay would give you an effective system, but would take up a lot of space.

    if you have a budget of £1000 I would look for a used Nexus and consider the KK for the skimmer line.



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