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    Hello from Lovely Luton

    I had a small pond, of mainly goldfish, well established and healthy then out of the blue had a visit from a flying friend with dangly legs. tried to net the pond but it didn't look cleaver with the plants, so in hast I build a raised pond a with a meter depth which sorted the heron out.

    I am in the process now of building a better pond with bottom drain set up, a viewing window and giving the exterior a better look. I am restricted on space so will only be 3.5m x 1.5m and will go to 1.5m depth so should be an estimated 1200 gallons, being home for my remaining fish will be like heaven.

    I've been reading through the questions and comments from others and taking notes, although as a newbie have more to ask

    Thank for the Add.


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    i think you may be quite a bit more than 1200 gallons with those measurements

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    Good luck with the new build Roy! Your goldfish will love the space! I reckon you are about 1700 gallons there with those measurements..cheers

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    Yeah little over 1700

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    If you are reading this forum it won't take long for you to want some koi in your lovely new pond. And when you do you may wish your pond was deeper!


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    I do have 2 koi at the moment, brought them as tiddlers a few years back and they have grown well, so I think they will appreciate the extra space, the goldfish must age between 10 and 15 years

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