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    Newbie who needs advice

    ‘Hi I am fairly new to Koi keeping I am wheelchair user, with little research I had built a 2400g pond 5ft deep with a welded liner. Through a bottom drain the water goes to a pre filter to a Hozlock pump to 2 Hozelock Bioforce 1400 filters. The problem is due to my disability It is becoming very difficult for me to turn the Bio force handle to clean the filters so I need to sort it before the summer.
    I am looking at a Draco 25 or similar, will this be all the filtration I need to ensure quality water for my fish. Do any members have for sale a second hand drum system I can purchase.


    Any help please.

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    Hi Jazz, Welcome aboard.
    Firstly, the drum will only take out the solid waste, you’ll need some biological filtration after.
    Perhaps a “combi” type filter would suit or a nexus with a Draco in the top.

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    This might be a little on the small side unless you're not densely stocked, but everything in one unit for under £1000. Could be wrong but I think John1 has one:

    The Minima - Combi Unit

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    Hi and welcome. I run an AEM Easy Drum (also known as a Filtreau) which cost around £1000 on a 20,000 litre pond (around 4.5 thousand gallons) and would thoroughly recommend it. The water runs to an underground sump where I do a load of biological stuff as well as heating, topping the water up automatically etc. You will need something biological after your RDF and they tend to be the same size as the drum enclosure itself but it would be better if you could make it bigger. I have seen bio units contructed from big blue barrels or even wheelie bins (not sure of toxicity) sunk into the ground. An IBC container (1000 litre) may be another consideration.

    A couple of things you may need to factor in when deciding on your drum. Smaller drums running to full capacity i.e. a drum designed for 2000 gallons on a 2000 gallon pond will operate more often than a larger drum and may struggle when the pond is very "dirty" or overstocked etc. You will require mains electricity and a waste pipe permanently connected to a sewer. The drum control box needs to be protected from the damp i.e. in a box of some sort.

    If you are re-designing your filtration setup would it be possible to make the whole thing gravity fed all the way to the bio unit from where you could use one pump to push the water back into the pond. This could save some pump purchase and electricity costs over time.


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    How are you getting on Jazz?
    4,100 gallon pond, infinity window, duratec heater, aerated BD, 3 bakki showers full of BHM, amalgam UV, 3 Blue Eco’s, construction skimmer, trickle in/out, Oase Profi Drum and some very spoilt koi.

    3 separate grow on vats, one 1,600 gallon QT and a customer first business





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