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    Did you see me lurkin?

    Bet you did and subliminally coaxed me to join? Lol.

    Newby here so need to learn more about koi (Water Keeping!) as I'm a complete novice but very interested in them.
    Had a small fish pond for a few years now and have a few small koi atm but they're growing fast in my small but moddest semi natural concrete and waterfall puddle.

    I'm going to spend most of the time reading the boards as there appears to be a mind full of information on here so hello for now and maybe I'll join in the banter and ask so e really stupid questions at some point.

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    Welcome mate and no stupid questions mite be some stupid answers like Haha. Just ask away when you ready

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    welcome mate.

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    Hello and welcome Solvent.
    Most of us started with a puddle myself included but we progressed on and made mistakes but hopefully we can help you avoid these and you can go on to enjoy this rewarding and expensive hobby.

    No stupid questions here as we are all still learning and helping each other, so fire away.

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    welcome mate , i a newbie to , no ones hung me out to dry yet so ask way my friend

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    Interested in talking chlorine as if feels like my aea (Nottingham) is being double dosed by seven trent.
    Ill see if i can dig out some info on here first.

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    Same down here fella, my tap water stinks of chemicals.
    Welcome to the forum Did you see me lurkin?
    Decent bunch of lads and lasses on here

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