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    Quote Originally Posted by john1 View Post

    You can see my Cuttlebrook fry in the pictures.
    I'm hungry and now want a fry up lol

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    Ha ha,I did one yesterday.

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    Just had to make do with 2 coffees and a N'eat bar this morning lol

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    The process for posting a youtube video differs if posting from your phone via tapatalk or if posting from a computer.

    Via tapatalk you just post the youtube link, like this:


    Via a computer you select the You Tube logo at the top right of the post which places this on the screen:

    {YTB} {/YTB}

    Then you paste the last part of the youtube link between the brackets, i.e from the link above you select everything after the = sign, like this:


    Put it between the youtube brackets....


    And you get this (which you wont see if viewing via tapatalk from a phone, but if viewing from a computer you'll see the youtube video thumbnail):

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