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Thread: Tempest advice

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    Tempest advice

    Hi All

    I have a small pond, about 1000 gallons, and I am considering adding a pump fed skimmer to a filter, then to a veg filter and out to the pond. Main filtration is provided by an easypod so the skimmer is a secondary system.
    I am considering either a pressurised canister filter or maybe a tempest between the pump and the veg filter.
    The veg filter is more for aesthetics, but if I want the veg filter to be of benefit (its a small home made box type affair), I would have to dial down the return to around 1000 - 2000lph (i think).
    My question is, given the 5000lph recommendation of the Tempest, is it going to be affective with the reduced flow rate? Does any run theirs with a similar flow?

    Many thanks


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