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    String Algae issue HELP NEEDED

    Good morning guys,

    As above this year I have come across a really bad string algae growth, my pond is around 12,000 litres and noticed it growing around the sides but didnít expect it to be that bad. Left it until the sun has hit it and had a good look and it was growing bottom, sides and joining up. Iíve got in and cleaned as much of the string algae as l can without reducing the water too far down. Pond is 7ft deep so was difficult to get to some areas, have treated it now with Triple action algae remover from World of Water and was surprised to see how much it killed on the sides of the liner. However after a couple of cleans and water changes I still can see a significant amount of string on the bottom and the back. Now Iíve had my 2 air stones on constantly to try not to drain the oxygen along with a blade fountain running into the pond constant.
    I have lost a fish today and he has been very unsociable and staying in 1 place a lot of the time, so was kind of expected but hoping it wasnít the treatment. He was about 32 years old so it might of just been a bit too much of a water change for him.
    Anyway off trackÖÖwith a oase screenmatic 40000 filter what is the best advice (in a couple of weeks while l let this treatment finish) which is the best recommendation for algae remover and slugge as l canít really get to the bottom of the pond. Thanks in advance

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    I had bad blanket weed this year, and treated it with Aqua Source Blanket Resolve. It took 4 doses to get rid of it however.
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