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    Alternative Aquatics

    Hi my wife purchased a Velda Skimmer for her pond from Alternative Aquatics last Tuesday 7th May through Worldpay, thing is she hasn't had any confirmation from Alternative Aquatics to say they have received payment of £100 which has gone out of her bank we have tried to contact them by several emails with no response also phoned them and only get answer machine so we dont have a clue what is going on. Does anyone know this shop or who owns it as she is getting a bit worried. Hope this is the correct place to place this thread.


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    I have used them, they are based up in Warrington. I think they struggle with spotting who’s ordered what on world pay and bits of their website are still selling things they haven’t stocked for years. I’ve not had a problem when I’ve called them (they are closed weekends though which is very alternative) and they are currently trying to source an item for me that falls into the “haven’t stocked that for years” category
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    Thank you Djstiles999.

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    I would contact them by phone to make sure they are aware of it.

    When I had a problem the only contact I had was by phone but it wasn't very helpful. I ordered a redox meter for monitoring PP and I don't think they had stocked it for years, I was told it was coming from Germany and would take a while.

    The thing is I only got a confirmation email from WorldPay and nothing from Alternative Aquatics so I wasn't at all confident that their order system had worked and had placed the order.

    I tried to contact them again but I never got through and they never responded to any of my emails so I took it to PayPal's dispute procedure. They never replied to me or PayPal so I got a full refund.

    I think if you go to the shop or order something online that is in stock you are fine but their website is very outdated so my hunch is that they are not techy people and don't know how to maintain it.

    Edit: I forgot to add that the Redox meter never arrived.

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    Yep we tried phoning just get answer machine, we do know that a Mike does respond to a email as my brother inlaw email them about buying a nexus of them he soon replied then. So we know they are seeing emails just won't respond to my wife asking what is going on as they have her £99.40. How does anyone think they can get away with it lol.



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