Hi, Iíve just started treating my pond with Formalin and M Green. I put dose 1 in two days ago and my drum is cleaning like crazy and therefore Iím having to top up a lot more than usual. My worry is Iím diluting the dose before itís done.

My drum is an OASE Profilclear compact M

Itís not the actual chemicals getting caught, which I understand. But for whatever reason it looks like the FMG has killed a lot of the growth / algae on the walls of my pond and therefore I now have a lot of free floating dead algae - which the drumís mechanical side is getting rid of.

To counter this, for the next 2 doses, Iím thinking of taking my screens out to allow the flow to carry on and stop the drum cleaning and me topping up and diluting the chemicals. Has anyone done this and is it ok for the short term?

Im guessing Iíll just have to clean the drum filter properly, including the clean side once the treatment is over.

Any advice would be good before I go ahead.