Not sure if this has been covered before,Iíve searched via Google and it throws up a couple of similar threads but with no definitive answer

So Iím currently running a nexus 200 pump fed from a retro drain and the filter is sat well above main pond level as itís up on patio,this then returns to main pond via a planted top pond,Iíve also got a pump fed sieve running on a seperate pump also returning via the top pond

Iím soon to lower the nexus and fit the sieve before it (hopefully) so it will be pumped from main pond through UV to sieve and then gravity feed the nexus which exits into top pond,to increase the draw through the retro drain could I split the feed after the sieve and-in theory- pump 15000lph through my sieve and then send 10000lph to my nexus and 5000lph ish through a tempest via gravity?

I guess the question being can you run a tempest effectively on the gravity return of a filter? Ie my sieve?

Iíve probably got the height to make it work inlet/outlet wise because of the split pond/patio level

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