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    What are the ideal water parameters?

    Hello, I've just done a test on my water and here are the results.
    (sorry if this question is asked over and over)
    Ammonia (NH3) 0
    Nitrite (NO2) 0
    Nitrate (NO3) 10
    Acidity (pH) 8
    Alkalinity (KH) 6
    General Hardness (GH) 13
    (Tested using the NTlabs Pondlab 200)

    My nitrate is a little high; however, my ammonia/nitrite is 0, so I'm pretty sure bacteria is doing its job.
    I know my pH should be about seven. I need to figure out how to lower that (unless it's because I did the test at night and there is a bit of alga on the rocks resulting in a higher pH count. Other than that, my water is crystal clear), but I'm very unsure about KH and GH; any advice/help would be appreciated on all fronts regarding this test.

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    There you are Wolfie,

    The first thing to say is that the ideal ammonia value in a koi pond should be as near zero as is possible but, the toxicity varies greatly with pH and temperature. With this in mind, I calculated my chart to indicate the maximum values that koi can tolerate without harm where near zero ammonia values temporarily cannot be achieved due to such reasons as an overloaded, immature or damaged biofilter or in spring before the biofilter returns to full efficiency after its winter dormancy.

    For a full explanation, see:

    If you, or anyone wants a copy of that can be laminated for future reference, there is one in the document library on my website.

    Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to download and print:
    Ammonia chart

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