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    Overflow on Draco

    Hi all
    I now have my Draco Medius up and running. The drum is already making a huge impact on the clarity - now I see fish!
    I need to put an overflow on the system as I'm going to tickle into to the bio chamber.
    It seems to me the easiest thing to do is use the spare 2" outlet and connect a standpipe with a tee at the correct height for my required water level. I was thinking of reducing capacity to 1" or 1.1/2" pipe so any water standing in it isn't there to long.
    Before I go ahead can anyone see any issues with this or can offer a better solution?



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    I'm not sure how you have yours setup - gravity fed?

    I made the waterline so that it overflows down the wastecute. I also cut a small V into the chute to fine tune the overflow behaviour.
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    Yes Gravity fed.
    Originally we were going to use the waste chute and that does work but it's just a little too close to the top of the pond. I did think about shaving a little off the chute but was concerned about warranty 😜

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    I also just use the waste chute on the drum. Seems the simplest solution and helps keep the waste pipe clear too!

    Can you not lower the drum a smidge?

    If not i'd personally just drill a hole in the waste chute at the height you need it.

    If something goes wrong with the drum it's unlikely you'll be taking the whole thing back, at most you may have to swap the motor over or the control box.

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    Thanks for the help
    I'll modify as suggested 👍

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