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    nexus outer chamber air recomendations

    I have my nexus 200 running but the outer chamber just doesn't bubble much at all on one side. im assuming its not quite level and having a kockney koi 50l air pump probably underpowered (air wise)
    so how big a pump? 100? 130? and is the standard airation pipe good enough or is there a better method?
    the nexus has about the max amount of media that you can put in the outer chamber
    thanks in advance

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    I had that on mime once, I lowered the water and poked all the airholes with a thin nail, they had calcified up a bit... sorted !!

    I did at alter date put a 95 lph pump on it instead too

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    Heard a few people mention not using it and adding stones/cans around it.. Think it may have been freddyboy

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    Check the air pipe has not become unclipped, if the pipe isn’t level the lowest side will not turn over, path of least resistance rule applies. Remove the pipe and clean the calcium build up, not just round the holes, all the way round.
    Eleven year old Nexus still on original pipe, with an eleven year old EA AP95 pump, diaphragms changed twice.

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    Mine clogged up years ago, I now have 6 air stones running off a 130 lpm air pump. It’s a lot more flexible, you can move them around and eliminate any dead spots. It turns K1 over much more than the original jets ever did, and it’s easy to clean or replace one if they get a bit clogged.
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    Hi I took Advice off this forum including from Fred and replaced the pipe with air stones.
    It turns over much better in my opinion and also stops muck from building up at the base of the bio chamber.
    Cost about £30 altogether off eBay for some 10mm pipe and 8 mm pipe. Some 10mm to 8mm t connectors and 6 off air stones.
    The only thing I would change is I would buy the EA 10mm pipe as itís more solid than regular air line and clips into the existing nexus pipe clips better to keep the pipe in place.
    Might be cheaper to just clean up the existing pipe as a first option as per other forum member responses...

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    Yep half can airstones and 250 kph on my 300 for years now..good as gold. The Nexus air ring clogged quickly for me in hard water area, so took it out completely.

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    Thanks for all the advice, im in a soft water area so no calcification. I bought a jeb 100 air pump, omg what a difference. The only problem was so much had settled in the outer chamber that turning on the new pump created a pond cloud machine!! anyway two days later all settled and working great

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