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    plumbing issue on diy filter

    hi just looking for a little help. i have plumbed a diy plant filter into my eazy pod but the flow into to container doesnt keep up with the return pump which is after the container(plant filter) i'm guessing the length from the floor going up to the container is slowing it down too much. also the container doesn't fill up very high without the pump on. don't be shy at ripping my effort to bits lol and if its too much to sort I can scrap the diy plant filter for now and just plumb straight into my return pump from my eazy pod. any help appreciated.

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    I think some more pictures might help.
    Any flow relying on gravity would need to be bigger pipe,
    Normally 4" on gravity 1 1/2" pumped

    And gravity flow needs to be a constant rise or fall
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    Is your Pod gravity fed?
    If it is then you need to pump to your second filter, which needs to be above pond surface level to allow a gravity return.



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