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Thread: Nitrates is BS

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    Nitrates is BS

    Below is a Nitrate test done with water from my pond and water from my tap...........no need to ever test that BS again.
    Nitrites however is another animal and my reading for the last few weeks is Zero to next to nothing.
    Happy nitrites happy fish

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    As long as you're removing the Nitrates (being the end product) then that's ok. However as fish grow their output increases, so ultimately in this scenario so does the rate of nitrate.

    The ye-olde wisdom was to simply flush it away with a trickle out of water to dilute the final nitrate. Only issue is here in the UK you're now on a water meter..

    The more eco-friendly (and wallet friendly) is to use plants and anoxic filtration.

    Reverse Osmosis of pond water (after a lot of pre-filtering) to remove the ions (nitrate, nitrite, plus ammonia) also works. It uses water but substantially less than the trickle method.

    It's multi billion dollar industry so any way of removing nitrogen and then using it for fertiliser or industrial gas is a money maker. Perhaps an mechanism using RO could allow pond owners to then refine the output and sell it however I suspect the cost of refining it in small scale would be unviable :/ Damn fish have to pay their way lol.
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    There is much easier way than RO - just use harvested rain water - zero nitrates, zero nitrites and very soft - best part - it is for free - after proper rain water collection technology is installed - I use it for over 7 years with great results - 7.6 cub.m. under ground tank collecting all rainwater from 250 sqr.m. of flat roofs of our house and garage - 70 microns nechanical filter and 4 bar water pump with inverter - used for drum filter washing, pond refilling (as I use pond water for garden irrigation) and also for toilets flushing in our house.

    Worth considering - much better than RO - just my humble opinion and great experience....

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