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    Oase Proficlear Premium Compact...any suggestions for an alternative?


    Noob here trying to plan a new pond to replace a current inherited one. Expert has recommended the Oase Proficlear and it looks great but itís also £2000! This is outside our budget and, whilst Iíve learned you canít have too much filtration, weíll only have about 7500l and 4 koi. Iíd be really interested in any alternatives you might recommend for a bottom drain gravity set up?

    Many thanks!

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    I have 4 koi plus 7 smaller green tench in 1700l. The new pond I originally planned was 8000l and now closer to 12,000l. I inherited the pond 7 years ago.

    Iíve had pressure filters - 9000l canister but it couldnít cope with 1700l with 4 koi let alone more. A summerís day results in more load as algae is also removed by the drum filter.

    So I went for a Draco Solum 16 with a std biological filter for the original 8000l planned pond. I bought to mature it before the new pond.

    The Solum16 will happily work with 8000l, add 50l of helx13 media into a bio (the draco standard bio is 185l of water and can take 100l of media).

    Now.. itís possible to DIY the bio filter.

    7000-8000l isnít a small amount. A drum is more ďhands offĒ than other types of filter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooner View Post
    Iíd be really interested in any alternatives you might recommend for a bottom drain gravity set up?
    Hi Ange, Not sure where you are in the country, but I've just posted up my Nexus 220 + Draco Drum for sale. Funnily enough - I've replaced this with a ProfiClear Compact M! The only reason was because when I had my pond rebuilt in 2017 (same as you - inherited a hole in the ground pond that came with my house and got bitten by the bug!), the filter house (which is integral to my new raised pond) wasn't made quite big enough to house the Nexus easily, which has made looking after all the kit really hard for me. The ProfiClear has given me loads more room. If you have enough space for a Nexus 220, then this could be very good solution for you. My pond is just under 11,500L and had 10 Koi ranging from 10" to 30" (sadly now 9 after the recent loss of my Baby Showa), and the Nexus + Drum coped well, and even better after I added the extra 50L of K1 (I'm selling it with 100L). Anyway - here's the link to my post in case it's of interest: https://www.koiforum.uk/koi-pond-equipment-sale/26460-sale-nexus-220-draco-drum-55w.html
    Any questions - just reply to my sales thread or drop me a PM, Cheers, Wendy
    11,440L Raised Pond, BD, Oase ProfiClear, Bitron 55W, 2x10k Aquaforte Varios, Skimmer to Waterblade

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    Sounds like you’re in the same boat as me.....

    I’m planning a future build and am looking for a Combi Drum to do 12.000 liters, l’ve settled on the Oase Proficlear Compact M at least three times..... Came across a very interesting model yesterday, AquaKing Red Label Combi Happy Basic. It’s a Combi Drum with a k1 chamber, matting chamber, internal pump and uv installed, l believe it’s under 2000eu, looks the business to me.

    As l say, l’m just looking, have no experience with AquaKing, they’re Dutch, maybe others on here can offer something on them.

    You may have to contact them direct, l believe Cotswold Koi have some of the larger models.



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