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    Eazypod Complete

    I have just ordered the eazipod, awaiting delivery. Its replace my pressurised filter which is inadequate. It will be pump fed but the outlet of the pod can be 4inch or 3inch but I want to reduce to 2inch. My local dealer recommends u do this. Any advice please

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    What flow rate will you have through the unit?

    If its very low then 2" will be fine but why the need to reduce it down?

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    Not sure but I can adjust it, I just wanted a less intrusive setup. Plus my pressurised actually feeds a 45cm blade and was hoping to get the pod to feed this on the return under gravity otherwise I will need a 2nd pump as a standalone just for the blade.

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    It is doable but I would expect the 2 inch pipe may not keep up with the flow, all i would say is keep it at 4 inch right up to the blade and then fit a rubber boot down to 2 inch at the blade to allow the maximum flow possible. If you can adjust your pump then this is easily worked around. Try and keep the height difference as much as possible between the blade and the top of the eazy pod as it will help with your water pressure.

    If you want to run more through the unit and it only just copes you may want to install a tee on the outlet of the eazypod as an overflow for an emergency (away from the blade), worst thing about pump fed is you don't want to wake up to an empty pond - Can't recommend fitting a float switch for peace of mind.

    Hope this helps if only words...

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    Another thought regarding flow rate of the eazipod. Which is preferred, a fast flow rate whereby you pass through half of the pond volume per hour or slow it down by a little to allow the uvc to zap the water a little longer but the turn over of the pond volume takes a little longer. That will make my mind up on the 3 inch outlet versus a 2 inch outlet which was recommended by my local dealer

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    I'd be a bit careful about running a 2" outlet on a pump fed Eazy Pod as you may end up making it overflow. Pump fed is usually 1.5" or 2" in and 3" or 4" out as you can push water a lot faster than you can gravity flow it out using the same sized pipe.

    With your old pressurised filter you could force water in to it and what you put in came out the outlet no problem as it has no where else to go where as an Eazy Pod isn't sealed so you need to be careful what you do on the outlet of it.

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    Thanks for that, looks like 3 inch is the answer, dont understand why local dealer suggested reducing it. He apparently installs many like that. I assume the pump is turned down to manage it. I shall source 3 inch fittings but finding pipes is proving difficult

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    Unfortunately 3" is harder to source than 4" unless you go to koi places.

    Generally 4" is much more expensive than 3" at koi places.

    You can use solvent weld waste pipe instead of pressure pipe to save a fair bit.

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    I have returned my 2 inch piping and connectors to the dealer and ordered the required 3 inch equipment. Now after reading the evolution manual on line, I am getting confused. After seeing many youtube clips of 8 years ago etc about the cleaning process, the evolution aqua instructions differ, prob because of upgrades to the pod. It seems the new pod is not supplied with a cut off valve at the inlet and that it is sufficient to just switch of the pond pump and the pod remains full. So you can proceed to the boil. It also says you do not necessarily need to insert the cleaning pipe to block off the outlet but if u do remember to remove it prior to switching the pond back on. Am I being a dope in thinking the new pod are slightly different to the older models. This is not the automatic variant. #confused.com

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    Those instructions sound like they are for an automatic version or possibly a gravity fed version but not a pump fed version.

    For pump fed, stick the cleaning tube in while the pump is running. Once the water level has reached the overflow or just above it, turn of the pump and shut the inlet valve, stick the air pump on and boil. Open waste valve and drain it. Refill and boil again. Drain down. Part fill to just above the inlet then drain. Refill, remove cleaning tube and refit the lid. Job's a good'en. Just remember to close the drain valve before trying to refill between boils and before the final fill.

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    It doesn't list an inlet valve as part of the contents. Prob best wait til it arrives and see but thanks for the advice

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    You can boil for at least 2 minutes each time and do 1, 2 or 3 boils and possibly more if required. I normally do 2 x 5 minute boils and then 1 or 2 part fill flushes.

    The number and length of boils depends on how dirty the Eazy Pod is and also how new it and the media is. With new media you need to get it to mature so you need to judge how often etc you clean it so you don't wash out the good bacteria you are trying to build up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsonbem View Post
    It doesn't list an inlet valve as part of the contents. Prob best wait til it arrives and see but thanks for the advice
    You may need to supply your own now then otherwise you will struggle to keep the water inside it while cleaning it.

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    If you don't use the cleaning tube in anything other than an automatic Eazy Pod as soon as you try to boil it all the muck will come out of the media and go back into the pond.

    I'm guessing that the automatic Eazy Pod must be able to shut and open the inlet, outlet and the waste as required?

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    This is an extract from their manual online...
    The new inlet configuration of the EazyPod Complete means that it is not essential to use the cleaning pipe to maintain the water level during cleaning. However, should you find that excessive debris is splashed down the return pipe during cleaning you can use the cleaning pipe provided to isolate the unit from your pond. Insert the cleaning pipe then follow the steps 1 to 5 above. Remember to remove the cleaning pipe before switching your pump back on.


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    OK I'll have a look on the EA site.

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    I think I've got it worked out now lol

    The older versions of the Eazy Pod used standard K1 and not micro K1 so you used 30 litres of K1 but only 18 litres of micro so you don't need as much water in the Eazy Pod to clean the micro compared to K1 so that explains why you don't need the cleaning tube unless you are using an air pump that is too powerful which would cause the water to bubble over the top of the return pipe in the centre of the Eazy Pod.

    Well that's what I can understand from what I have just read

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    You're welcome

    With mine, I fill it to the overflow with the tube fitted as I've got K1

    Old school lol

    For the fines I have a DIY spray bar on the outlet with a 200 micron filter sock over it.

    I started with a 400 micron then went for the 200 and have tried a 100 but I need to make another spray bar out of 3" waste so the smaller socks fit over it. The current one is 3" pressure pipe which is a fraction bigger.

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