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    How far to pump water

    As always, Iím busy tinkering and tweaking but my next mission is to remove a small wooden filter shed that currently houses my diy filter and to use my brick built shed at the bottom of the garden for the filters. Iíve got 2 Eazy pods (1 is currently on a temporary setup smack bang next to the pond just to get it up,and running). My issue is, I am pump fed and currently pumping to the main diy filter is about 5 metres away. The brick shed is about 15+ metres away from the pond. Does anyone see an issue with this. It will be 4 inch gravity return to the pond via a diy K1 moving bed barrel, fed from both Eazy pods. I hope this makes sense!

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    It's perhaps not ideal but I don't see an issue with it.

    In my parents garden they have several non koi ponds connected by streams. Containing frogs, goldfish and ducks and many nice plants.

    Last year I fitted a 2 inch bottom drain to the last pond and added a 10k vario pump which was connected to alcathene pipe that was already running to the other end of the garden. It must be at least 30m if not 40m away, higher and has a single barrel to fill before it overflows into the 1st pond. It actually provides a nice flow down the waterfalls and through the stream using only 39w. It's hard to believe it's capable of doing this considering the pipe it's fitted to and the distance it has to travel.

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