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    Question regarding pump hours

    My new pond will be a total of ~5600 gallons with 35 to 40 12+ inch Koi.

    I have 2 filter systems the main being a 4 x 55 gallon Barrel cascade system with netting in the first barrel, K3 media in the second barrel and a moving bed of K1 media in the 3rds barrel. The forth barrel is a surge tank that will gravity feed the pond. I am hoping to get ~ 3400 gallons per hour flow through this system using pump #1.
    My second filter is a same size pump (pump #2) putting out 3400 GPH passing through a swimming pool sand filter full of K3 media and discharging into my waterfall via a 36W UV lamp and 4 jets in the main pond area to hopefully get some current in the pond.
    My thinking is this.

    Run pump # 1 from 7pm to 6 am..........11 hours
    Run pump #2 from 6am to 9am............3 hours
    Run pump #1 from 9am to 3pm............6 hours
    Run pump #2 from 3pm to 7pm............4 hours

    That should have my pond turning over ~14 times a day and not killing either the pumps or my wallet

    How does all that sound


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    What about the bio in the filtration?

    It needs oxygen and food. Also if the barrels are in full Thai sun, it's likely that they'll have issues (a) water temp in side when not running rises and kills the bio bacteria and (b) UV degrading the plastic.

    Also - have you checked out running a solar cell? Then looping that inverter into the pump supply? Thai sun should be good for offsetting the pump operating costs during the day!

    Have a look at airlifts - I'll be building two 4" airlifts into the new pond. I hope to then simply switch to airlift power where possible.



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