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    Beads in A moving bed?

    I知 adding a Draco midi to my system and was planning to keep my bead filter running at the same time until the moving bed media is up and running and strong enough to allow me to decommission the bead.

    I知 quite tight on filter space and I知 going to sell the bead. I had a thought regarding timing and think it will be best to sell the bead soon rather than waiting 4 months.

    So my question is - could I partition the fluid bed and have the helix and k1 in the one section and then transfer the beads into the other section? My concern is that beads are static and there is no protected area so bouncing around will the bacteria be knocked off? I could potentially bag them up and keep them together?

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    Beads are like Covid 19 turn your back and they are everywhere. I think the potential for bead escape is high. Don't think the bacteria will get knocked of that stuff is like glue if you have ever tried to clean screens etc and beads get the blower treatment quite often.




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