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Thread: 2 bucket filter

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    2 bucket filter

    Hi guys,

    Quick one before I start cutting holes... in the attached image, would the water nicely transfer from filter 1 to filter 2 or is the design wrong?

    the red arrows show the flow. Not sure if the lack of gravity from 1 to 2 will work?

    thank you

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    Looking at your diagram it won't work.
    Your 2nd drum is shown to be higher than the first so would only fill to the water level of the first.
    They need to be really the same height.
    Where are you thinking of putting the pump?

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    The pump is in the pond, pumping out into the UV, which then flows to filter 1. any ideas of how I could change it?

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    Would this work?
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    The second system would work if the connecting pipe between the two buckets is large enough diameter (110mm or 4 inch) but you will be making a rod for your own back if you're planning to feed water into biological media from below because it will silt up and would have to be removed every week to clean.

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    Here's what I have at present and I just want to add a second bucket for extra filtration before I do an overhaul next year. Any ideas?


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    I'm more worried about the bucket falling off.
    It would empty your pond if it did.

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    The bucket is secured in place it just doesn’t look it from that angle. What’s that link for a y connector for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby85 View Post
    The bucket is secured in place it just doesn’t look it from that angle. What’s that link for a y connector for?
    So you can split the hose feed from your pump to another bucket.
    Can't believe I had to answer that question tbh.

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