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    Multiple filters and pumps

    In a bid to get the pond filtration working without it constantly dumping water considering running two systems.

    Primary systems is an Oase Proficlear compact pump fed system with 12000 Oase pump, but is running a Hozelock aquaforce 8000 atm. Dealer wanted us to drop the pump and such in a bid to try things to resolve the water usage issue.

    Considering a multitude of options:

    1) Purchase the coarser sieves, yet more money and expensive for what they do, also Oase said oh most people change to them, so why don't you ship the unit with them!!

    2) Run the system with the Hozelock 8000 pump, but also get the Evolution Aqua EasyPod installed again with the Oase Aquaskim, so bottom pump to the Oase and surface skimmer to EasyPod. Have another spare 8000 pump in the garage. Did consider getting another Oase 8000 pump as their electrical consumption appears to good. So 1 pump to the Oase and another pump to the EA EasyPod.

    3) Abandon it all, sell everything, fill in the pond, spend the money on patio / garden furniture and forget about it..

    Part of me doesn't want to be beaten, but option 3 is regularly discussed with the Mrs these days. No costs on water, electrical, food and such. Go away on holiday and such without a care re what's happening in the garden etc.

    Pond size is circa 10000 litres ish, mixture of ghost koi, goldfish, tench, rudd etc. Koi are probably 30cm+ in length.

    Oase indicated the pond is overstocked based on a water to weight calc, so rudd and goldfish may go to another pond in the family. Have fun with the herons though

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