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    Filter upgrade required

    I am currently running a MIDI Sieve into an EB50, fed by a 4Ē bottom drain and a slimmer. The pond is just under 2500gallons. Have a 55w UV. Pump in an Oase 20000.

    The water parameters are ok but the water clarity varies wildly from week to week a not green but more with muck in suspension. Iím having to clean the sieve every day which Iím bored of now! There is a very tiny amount of blanket weed - say 3-5mm long on the walls of the pond.

    Iíve got about 12 fish ranging from 30cm up to 80cm and they get fed 4 times a day. My friends dad has died and has asked me to take 5 fish which are about 60cm.

    I've had ponds since I was a kid so over 25years and I must admit Iíve always been blessed with crystal clear water. Previously Iíve always had two vortexes with big multi bay systems but tbh space is a bit limited now.

    Iím thinking of upgrading but donít know what to go for. Budget is around £1500 as Iím aiming to keep my pump and UV.

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    There is a nexus with draco on here for sale 1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajm View Post
    There is a nexus with draco on here for sale 1000

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    That'd be a good shout ��

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