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    Drum Filter Leaf Catcher

    Hi/ Are there any Koi Keepers out there using Leaf catcher Baskets in front of their Drums? And does anyone else make them apart from Evolve? Thank you!

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    The queni drum have a brush bar which collects larger debris but you have to keep on top of it if you have lots of leaves or a lot of alga as it sometimes gets trapped in the brushes

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    Have you already a drum you want to retrofit one to or is this a consideration for a future purchase?

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    Thank you for the reply Dave.

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    Thank you for the reply! Yes just planning for future Purchase. At the top off my garden there's a really big tree, so I get a lot off leaves in my present pond. And as well as planning to feed one or two bottom drains plus a 4" skimmer to the drum it was a concern for the building and planning of my new pond. I also read on here that someone had a twig jammed up their drum and burn their motor out. Thank you!

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    I nearly read that wrong lol
    Jammed up their cough splutter

    Get one made by JBR that fits in front of the drum you want. You should be able to get a drawing from the drum manufacturers to show you the dimensions of the front elevation (inlet positions etc) and they can match it up.
    Being as they used to make the Evolve Iíd expect Jase will be able to knock one up blindfolded.
    Iíve had drawings myself from Aquasource so was able to make my chamber inlets match my drum outlets and Iíve seen drawings for the QK drum on their website so they should be readily available from other manufacturers.
    Iíve seen them on drums before so itís not an unusual request. No idea if they actually work or not. Iíd have thought that most stuff that doesnít sink would be caught by a skimmer maybe?
    Iíve had the odd leaf in my drum though to be fair so they do get through somehow.

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    Lol, Thank you for the Great reply. There some Great advice and information there. Will be looking into that. Thank you bigcarpchaser.

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    No worries mate, let us know how it works out for you Drum Filter Leaf Catcher

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