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    'World of Nishikigoi' - sharing Koi-Stuff.


    Iíve been a forum member for a long time under another user name (albeit very inactive), but I thought I better align things with what I do now.

    Iím Liam Bess, Iíve been keeping koi since 1999/2000, and Iíve also worked for various koi dealers over the years. I stepped back from koi retail some time ago and now run ďWorld of NishikigoiĒ - to promote the hobby and celebrate all things koi. It started as an online blog with pond visits and light articles, and after the sad passing of Mark Gardner, I was asked to shoot one or two koi shows and document the winners. I now produce the official koi photographs for most UK shows.

    I was then due to provide some content for Nigel Caddock and his magazine ďThe Nishikigoi Yearbook,Ē but after he too sadly passed, I was provoked by a few koi friends to launch my own, to carry the torch, as it were. World of Nishikigoi magazine was born. Itís an independent hobbyist-run magazine designed for all koi lovers. There's no sales mumbo-jumbo, no gimmicks or agendas and no 'koi experts.' We're creating a printed platform for sharing unbiased koi knowledge from experienced koi enthusiasts; hobbyists, judges, dealers, breeders, health professionals, importers and water specialists. There's something for everyone.

    Each Ďvolumeí is 132 pages of dedicated koi content. I pull in contributors from all over the hobby and industry (people who have earned their stripes the hard way) to deliver artistic, intelligent, and thought-provoking content thatís hopefully entertaining too. It also acts as a love letter to the hobby, to remind us on those darker days that koi are awesome and the hobby special.

    I launched single sales last July and have subsequently started a subscription service, where you pay a yearly fee and get the mags delivered to your door. Itís £27.00 per year for both volumes (including UK delivery) and includes a ĎSubscribers Cardí entitling you to discounts at various koi-related retailers. Most of the discounts are 10%, so you earn the cost of your subscription back very quickly - just a bonus for those who come on board. If you fancy learning more:

    I thought Iíd start this thread (not only) to introduce the magazine but also to share some of the things I get up to, as I know many people avoid social media like the plague, but we all like to look at koi, pond and Japan pics, right!

    Iíll kick off with a koi that recently made the headlines after winning its 11th GC title (no, itís not a typo). This Sakai Fish Farm Kohaku is 82cm, and I'd seen her splashed over social media numerous times. I went to the recent Belgian Koi Show and took this photo after she won her 10th GC, and having seen her in the flesh, I was very impressed by her quality and condition. She shone. I know this amount of wins for one koi will cause some heated debate, but what I found interesting was that she was retired for a few years before the Belgian Show because the beni didnít look too great. However, after some TLC she bounced back and looked undeniably fantastic on the day.

    Like the koi version of Rocky!

    Respect to the owners Filip Poppe & Els De Decker.


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    The koi show season is about to kick-off next weekend (1st & 2nd July).

    I'm running a few competitions on social media to encourage people to come along and share the dates. Doesn't cost a penny to enter and the prizes are pretty awesome!

    First up for grabs is 15kg of saki-hikari balance worth £199. You can read more about how to enter here:

    It's really easy, and the aim is to raise awareness of all the UK koi shows, big and small. Look out for more competitions as the season unfolds. Plenty of chances to win.

    And because we like pictures of koi, here's a kohaku I snapped at the Belgian Koi Show. Didn't win a major award as competition was pretty stiff, but worth a photo nonetheless. Five step, not an easy find!


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    So the National Koi Show has been and gone, if anyone fancies a look at the awards that were won over the weekend, I've photographed and detailed the 'majors' and 'other' awards here:



    Good for being nosey - enjoy!

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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the delay, here are the winners from the dealer's show, with some info about the event from those that took part:

    Also, the winner of our recent mini comp - Paul Shannon.

    All he had to do was post a picture, and he won a 5kg bag of Saki Hikari worth £129 - easy peasy!

    The next comp is coming up for The Crouch Valley Koi Show on the 5th and 6th of August, there might be two winners - so eyes peeled. Thanks to Hikari Koi Foods for the support.


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    No entries from Sunnybank with their 5 grand Tosai then lol.

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