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    RO system recommendation

    I have a 3500 gallon pond and looking to install a RO system

    Looking for a recommendation on what system to go for

    Thanks in advance


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    If you’re planning to run full on RO then it’s worth avoiding the ‘smaller’ systems and going for a 4040 membrane in a 1m housing in my opinion.
    Andy Finch who is a very experienced koi guy has just set up in business supplying dechlorinators and RO systems specifically for koi ponds, so would be an excellent guy to talk to about this.
    It’s a steep learning curve and a minefield of possible money-wasting errors if you went for the wrong system initially.

    If you are on Facebook you can get in touch with Andy here https://www.facebook.com/FFIS58/

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    I suggest the iSpring RCC7AK, which contains a 6-stage RO system. I also looked at the price of replacement filters and whether they were readily available. I like that there are filters available for purchase, and that the pricing are reasonable. The new system's water has a pleasant flavor. Overall, the system is well-built, simple to set up, and performs admirably.
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    I have a large box full of RO stuff I was going to put on my 5000 gallon pond all brand new
    Selling due to moving now to Cyprus



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