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    Sounds familiar lol

    Nice to see you've got your priorities right
    All we ever wanted was everything,
    All we ever got was cold,
    Get up, eat jelly, sandwich bars and barbed wire,
    Squash every week into a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolo View Post
    just ordered the JBL combiset pond, and piggy bank still in tact bought it on ebay and used nectare points.
    every one a winner.

    Have you tried the kit yet? What is your opinion?

    Took me about 30 minutes to work out what I was doing at first, but soon get the hang of it.

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    yes done a couple of tests takes longer than the API but far clearer in the readings. and yes must have read the distructions at least three times before it sunk in. all results are within limits apart from phosphate which is high and the API did not cover.
    Up early this morning so lifted pump out cleaned out the cage, easypod two flushes topping pond up as i type.
    will test again this afternoon weather permmiting


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