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    Akita01 Hears Pic My Pond

    Ruber Round The Outside Beacause Of Spawning

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    very nice pond !!! like the frenchie aswell as i have 14 frenchies


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    Cheers Steve . Im After Another Frenchy Bich If U Know Anyone

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    nice pond, im sure steve can sort something out he has dog coming out of his ears . you know the dog on the aviva hairdresser ad thats steves little cutey

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    Cheers Mate Nice One

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    oh yes , my boys and girls done the aviva , we also wrote an article in dogs today magazine , got a glowing report by mark abraham the tv vet , and last week we did a photo-shoot for mulberry's spring and summer collection

    here's our site


    ps , where abouts are you as we are starting a new frenchie club

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    hi mate ther stuning love the black one i want him lol , im in surrey ,

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    if i hear of any i'l let you know

    monkey is a little stunner , comes all the way from russia got two pieds coming from hungary next month

    where did you get your boy?? whos the breeder ??


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    Dont Go Ther Lol Got Him From Guy In Croyden But Never Got Papers And Cant Track Him Down , As My Son Got Him For Me But Not To Botherd Hes A Litle Star Wouldent Be Without Him Comes Fishing With Me All The Time He Loves It Bishi The Carp Dog Lol

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    oh dear , sounds like one of many monkey breeders , unfortunately in frenchies , theres only 400 born a year , when you kick the bad breeders and puppy farmers aside you get left with 10 -15 good honest breeders if your lucky !! and 100 or so proper looking frenchies

    the up side for you is that you got a good looking boy there and he looks how they should !!! so atleast you didnt end up with one of the horrible bred dogs

    if you have a paper copy of his pedigree , you could always call the kennel club , as sometime they can be very helpfull


    ps would be interested in the breeders name pm it if you know

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    dog my son got him he cant remember

    my son got him he cant remember

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    hi mate got his address its 7 comport green addington his names sean thats all i know if u can help in any way id be gratfull even if its to stop soeone ells geting tucked up

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    oh yes , i know of the sean , based in bedford/milton K's , sell's from many areas!!!


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    Cant Get Hold Of Him At All

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    when he puts a add on epupz , i'l let you know , as he has a tell tail sig , when advertising !!! so i'l give you a shout when i see 1 pop up


    ps , is there any chance you can remember the dogs fathers name ???

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    Ur A Star Mate , No Dont Know It As I Say My Son Got Him For Me

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    Hi Mkate Have A Look

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    Have Look Mate



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