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    New koi pound construction walls


    Just looking for advice on new pound build. Expanding old pound which was liner 2m by 3.3m depth of 0.85cm in the ground. New pound will be 0.85m below ground and 0.66m approx above ground covering an area of 3.63m by 4m. Collar built 30cm wid by 30 cm deep. Will use liner all the way to the top. (I know not be best but that's direction we are going)

    Starting the wall was advised to get get hollow concrete 140mm by 215mm by 440mm 7N. These are proving to be extremely difficult to source for delivery in Essex RM15 or when available very expensive. Question can I use solid concrete blocks 7n building 140mm upwards ?

    New to this, any simple advice would be appreciated.

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    Yes solid blocks layed flat on their wide side are suitable- that’s what my pond is made of. Don’t use thermalites tho

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    If you have a look in the "pond build" forum on here there are lots of good pond build examples that will help you (including Felines). But yes solid blocks on their side (not upright!) are commonly used.

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    Ok thanks, i just mentioned laying them upright in early post , yes feline said on the side and yes your recommending the same. Did hope to use thinner block

    Ok thanks



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