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Thread: plumbing help

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    plumbing help

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this and am not doing very well.

    I need some plumbing bits and don't really no what I need.

    I have a 40mm bulkhead and a 40mm 90
    Do I just need 40mm pipe to fit inside them both

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    are they push fit or solvent weld if your not sure take them with you and have a trip to your local plumbers merchants.


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    The question is a bit vague, what are you trying to accomplish?
    Put some pictures up or give more of a description.

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    Well, I am a fresher in the plumbing industry, so I always prefer to seek recommendations from my co-workers at the Best Plumbers Club, as they are well trained and experienced. We have handled several complex plumbing issues together, and it has helped me to gain practical knowledge and experience.



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