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    Skimmer for round pond

    Hi I am looking for a skimmer-for my round pond new or DIY any help please.


    Peter the chair

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    How big is the pond and what are the walls made of?

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    Hi sorry I should have said the pond is made of brick 2400 gals with a liner.

    Peter the chair

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    Well I'm guessing the circle isn't that tight so the bend on the wall is fairly flat if that makes sense? I've just cut a Pro Skim into the side of my pond which is a smaller diameter than yours is and that sat fairly flat against the wall. So if you can cut the skimmer into the wall and then use the seal that comes with the skimmer which is designed for a liner it should seal nicely on the liner if you just cut a rectangular hole of the correct size out of the liner. Little bit of CT1 sealer or similar on the seal both sides and screw the face of the skimmer onto the back of the skimmer sandwiching the seal and the liner in between them both. Jobs a good'en


    It's probably easier to fit it to the liner than it will be to cut the hole in the brick wall and get all the bits to line up. The instructions are fairly clear. You might want to get something with a wide mouth that will fit as flat as possible to the bend on your wall.

    I could be wrong but I thought I saw a fitting for a skimmer that is designed for a curved wall for a wide mouth skimmer?

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    Skimmer for round pond

    Thanks for that I have been searching for a skimmer for a round pond with nos luck

    Peter the chair

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    I know that you can definitely get extension sections for the wide mouth skimmers but not 100% sure about the curved sections though? If you have a liner though as long as you get a seal on that and then get the skimmer sitting far enough back into or behind the wall you should be able to get the face plate of the skimmer nice and flat to the side of the pond.

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    Thanks for that I will give it a go.

    Peter the chair

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