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    semi submersible amalgam UV home made housing into two returns

    I like to think the when I return the water for the filter back to my pond it is as clear as Virus and Bactria as I can make it. in the past I have used ozone on one return and amalgam UV on the second return. My idea was to only need one way of keeping both returns to the pond Bactria free, as it is Bactria that give us and the fish all the problems with in the pond infections.

    So I have got a new 80w amalgam semi submersible as my old one was only 40w. the idea of this upgrade was putting two flows into the unit would reduce the reaction time of the UV rays.
    I then went and purchased two 110mm short boss fittings from toolstation https://www.toolstation.com/short-bo...e-110mm/p24326 and one solvent weld end cap https://www.toolstation.com/socket-plug/p28543, and one solvent weld accessescap https://www.toolstation.com/screwed-access-cap/p70032. this was the glued to each end of a one mitre long 100mm waste pipe I had left over from doing some pipework. the main problem I had was getting four solvent weld 63mm to 40mm boss redusers but found some on this link https://www.speedy-plastics.co.uk/sh...olypipe-sw81b/. so just one more thing to get and was the connector for the amalgam UV. this should be fitted to the 110mm access cap so you can remove the end cap for cleaning if needed https://absolute-koi.com/subcat2101.html look for 32mm submersible connector.

    so apart from two ball valves I already had to control the flow from both return pipes I was all set to set it up.
    Must say I have found this is working very good and happy of the cost as in effect it is the same as a bio 30 UV set up costing over £1000. think my total cost for everything was £260. will update with photos when I get a chance to take some lol.

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    Good work mate, and welcome back fella

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    thanks mate . yes been to long off here lol now your all in for endless banter ha ha ha and me talking crap

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    I like this idea. Is there a minimum/maximum flow speed for it to be effective? For the 80watt and the 40watt?

    The instructions for the amalgam uv show it fitted direct into a drum, sieve etc. What's the reason, benefits of it being in a separate pipe? Is it just to have it after for it to be in cleaner water?



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