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    Yeah I bet you get through a fair amount. On top of what the pond needs.

    I'm getting there. The tank is built (went for a 3"Tommy drain in the end following your earlier comments). it looks tiny so could've got away with 4".

    I didn't realise quite how much space I needed under the tank for the pipework, so had to raise it up. The top of the tank is now up to chest height Quarantine build and set up

    Next step is glue on BD pipework and make a stand for my midi sieve to sit on so it sits level with the tank. I got a jebao TSP 10k varipump and a jebao 35lpm air pump for moving bed and an air stone in the tank.

    What air pump do you have? I'm trying to work out if 35lpm is too much, enough or not enough?

    Then just a case of getting some 1.5" fittings to go from the pump to a 135litre wham box which I plan to use as a moving bed.

    Plan is I'll nick 50l of.k1 from my pond filter as I have a bit too much in there. Will pp it and then go through the nps like you are now.

    Not much in the grand scheme of things but lots and lots of fiddly jobs.

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    The 4" BD was fitted when they built my tank and I went straight down from 4" to 3" via a flexi rubber boot reducer but the draw on it seems fairly good. So far not much muck stays in the tank for long so hopefully your 3" Tommy will have the same amount of draw on it I'm only running my 10 k lph pump at 40% I think as it's only showing 28 watts on the controller. Will check the actual speed later.

    I have a Secoh 40 lpm air pump currently split between the Eazy Pod and the spindrifter air diffuser in the tank but will move that out of the tank and turn off the air to the Eazy Pod as soon as I sort out a moving bed filter and hopefully that way the Eazy Pod will catch more muck without the aeration constantly running in it. I'm doing it like that as firstly I thought it would help speed up the maturing process of the K1 and secondly the spindrifter air diffuser can only handle 20 lpm according to the instructions that came with it. Sounds a bit low to me

    My tank was sitting straight on the floor and the top of that is about 4ft from the ground. But as soon as I filled it up I found the garage floor wasn't level so I have put some spacers under 3 of the 4 feet. I have to remember to straighten the spacers up next time I drain the tank down as they moved slightly when I moved the tank back into the corner of the garage.

    I was told that the Secoh air pumps are rated at 1m deep not like most other air pumps which are rated at surface level apparently?

    It's surprising how much pipework you need and how much extra space you need to allow for it when you start putting the bends on it specially if you are using flexi rubber boots which tend to be bigger than standard solvent weld fittings I think?

    Yes it does suddenly all come together so good luck with it all.
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