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    Tank connector problem

    I may be being stupid, but I can't find a pressure pipe imperial 1" solvent weld flange tank connector anywhere.

    It's just for an overflow, through a liner and then concrete block. Liner is TPO and is anchored in place , so i don't have much room, so I just want a standard flanged tank connector, but I just can't find them.

    I don't want to drill bigger holes, as one, it will be difficult, and two, there will be a lot sharp bits concrete falling behind liner. Liner is TPO and is anchored in place.

    Is there another method for 1" pipes to be sealed around a liner?

    I can't believe something that should be simple is being so difficult, there must be a simple solution.

    Solution: don't use my existing pressure pipe, just get 32mm waste pipe and fittings

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    Try this link (if it works). If not just google plasticpipeshop.
    They have helped me out in the past.


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    I have looked on that site, they don't have any typical flanged tank connectors, they do have stub flanges and backplates, but I don't think they are appropriate.

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    Try pond planet bud, if there's nothing on the website it's definitely worth giving them a ring

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    A good swimming pool supplier will be able to help with a threaded nipple and a couple of flanged back nuts.

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    Ok, so in reality, just make a tank connector by just using 2 thread nuts on threaded pipe.

    The problem I would have is I would need a straight connector on the nipple, I don't think I have enough diameter in the hole drilled, but I can check.

    I have priced using waste pipe and fittings and a waste tank connector and it only comes to about £12 so I probably go down that route.

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