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    Air lock in skimmer line

    I think I have made an error in constructing my skimmer line. The bottom drain and skimmer are teed into a single line entering a Kockney koi 10000v .the skimmer and bottom drain lines have ball valves to control flow before the T. Due to space constraints, I had to increase the height on the skimmer line shortly after the skimmer with a 45 degree run. Having just started up my pump bottom drain works fine, but no flow from skimmer if I shut down the bottom drain. Is there such a thing as a 4 bleed valve that I can insert into the skimmer line to remove any air lock?


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    Difficult to picture your set up, but amusingly despite mine not being teed into the BD feed, I ran into the exact same problem. With mine I could hear the pump cavitating.

    I resolved by loosening the pump connector whilst the skimmer line was open and pump running which cleared the airlock, then later on after a few repeat occurrences of air locks I fitted a ballvalve immediately after the pump so any time I carry out maintenance I turn the pump off and close the ballvalve at the same time so as not to introduce any air from the backflow. When turning pump back on after maintenance I switch pump on first then immediately open the valve.

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    If you put a T fitting on your skimmer line (at its highest point), as long as the bit that T's off is above the water level this will mean any air trapped in the skimmer line can escape.

    That seems to be the simplest solution to me. Just means cutting into the skimmer line pipe work and gluing a T fitting in.

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