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    How do i seal a redundant pond?

    Hi guys as you know i spent 3 years building my pond, but i fell out of love with the whole thing about 4 years after running it, now i have a baby and run my own business, so i drained the pond, but water from outside pushed the fibreglass floor up until it tore off the bottom drain. Now the pond is 1/4 full with water from outside the pond!!!!

    I really want to turn this into a summer house or some sort of outhouse/meditation room, but until i figure out how im going to deal with the constant water issue i cant start to build anything! Does anyone have any suggestions how i can seal and stop the water coming in?

    Someone said you can tank it but thats not a guarenteed method and water will still find a way ... im completly lost on what to do, and the project has been halted for 2 years, iv finally come back the place where i got all the info to build the pond to figure out how to progress with this.

    Any help is appreciated

    Best regards, Adam

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    From what I have read before, dig a hole deeper than the pond and then stick a sump pump in it which will pump the water away. This can be done whilst you need the water away from the pond until it is sufficiently sealed for whatever purpose you want to use it for.

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    It depends what you want to do with the hole. If you want to fill it in and build on top of it, a permanent solution would be to make a hole in the bottom so that the water table outside will fill the structure to the same level and there won't be any outside pressure to push the fibreglass inwards. If it was half filled with hard core then earth, as the water table varied so would the level of water inside the structure. This method is commonly used for redundant swimming pools.

    A simple way to do this would be to cut a slot low down into the bottom drain pipe outside the pond or drill a 25 mm (1") hole in the bottom of the bottom drain and going through any concrete below it. Then, if the structure was ever to be turned back into a pond again, the bottom drain pipework cut could be repaired with a plain coupler or started again from the cut. Or the hole in the bottom drain could be patched by solvent welding a flat piece of ABS over it. A 50 mm (2") patch would make a permanent repair and this could even be made by heating a suitable size piece of ABS pipe with a heat gun and pressing it flat.

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