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    Pond collar and rear, what to do

    Hi all,

    New pond will be in ground, with mainly sleeper surrounds. To help me ensure its level, I'm going to collar it. The collar will be there to ensure its level and to give solid ground when I'm occasionally walking over sleepers. Do I actually need rebar for such a simple function? I'm thinking I don't use it in most other small projects so why would a pond collar be so different?

    In addition...
    1. Slight slope so I need a good step by step guide on how to negotiate this and ensure everything is level.
    2. Home made skimmer- inside or outside of collar perimeter?
    3. Having a bog filter, so collar itself will have different levels ie 20cm deep, but will have to be 50cm from ground level across front of bog filter, sitting at foot of bog filter and built on with porous slate materials. is collar compromised if it isn't enclosed as a full rectangle? How might I achieve this?

    Clay soil

    Many thanks folks

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    most don't bother with rebar in a collar, i did it as it doesn't cost much extra and helps prevent cracking and subsidance,
    all depends on your soil conditions though. if hard solid undisturbed ground probably not,
    but mine is reclaimed mining land with back fill.

    my sleeper pond build on a slope with concrete collar and rebar.


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