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    Double Union ball valves

    Hi, I took delivery of a kockney koi 10000v on the weekend set up for gravity fed. The three chambers each need double Union ball valves so that they will hold water but can be individually purged when needed. The ball valves have arrows on and most say this represents direction of flow so you would think that they should be placed with arrows away from filter. However to adjust tightness of ball valve with the tool on the handle, it looks like they need to be placed the other way around? Does anyone have experience of setting up a gravity fed 10000v who can let me know if I am right or wrong?

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    I believe you are correct, otherwise as you say you cannot adjust the valve. Although in practice I've never had to adjust a valve!

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    Hi, just to say i got them both ways and only ever looked at one and it was the wrong way round koi's law .

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    I came up against this exact same issue.

    Mine are not branded as EA, but look identical and are made by a reputable Italian firm, except my EA ones don't have the arrow, whereas these directly from the manufacturer do.

    I wonder if the purpose of the arrow is for fitments other than Koi ponds, where easier access would be from the rear of the arrowed direction?

    In the end I fitted mine (on bottom drain run) with the arrow facing the wrong way, so I can shut the ball valve off, remove pipework between ball valve and filter, and adjust it.

    After I did that someone said no, you can't take it apart to adjust it, if you do the pressure of the water behind it will blow the ball straight out of the valve.

    So in short, I am absolutely none the wiser lol.

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    as you say they are not designed for koi ponds, but for potable high pressure boosted water, typically in food production ect...

    the reason they put the arrow on the downflow side where the live water side is, is to stop people adjusting them 'live'.
    if you put them the other way around, and you are using them at 10 bar and some numpty shuts the valve off and loosens the clamping ring,
    the force of water will open the valve on it's own and blast water out in a solid bar at about 100 gallons per second on a 4" line

    it's as funny as hell when it's not you that did it....

    but for koi ponds just face it the way you need for access..makes no difference at low pressure....
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