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    Pond Build Questions - No experience

    Hi everyone

    I am landscaping my garden. I have an exisitng pond that isn't really suitable for the fish I have in there. It is shallow and has still shallower levels and pumps water up to a filter.

    I am a novice at this but still I thought I would try and create deeper pond so my koi, albeit small at the moment, will be happier. I have researched as much as I can online but there is still some questions.

    My idea is to create a rectangular pond approx 2.5m x 1.5m by 1-1.2m deep. It will be constructred using concrete blocks 600-800mm underground and topped off with sleepers (100mm side vertically, 200mm flat). I would then get a box lining made and start it one sleeper deep.. Does this sound an acceptable construction method?

    I will install a bottom drain with the air vent. Will the floor then need to be concreted? I then intend to get a second hand Nexus 220 which I would like to situate a distance away from the pond (around 4m) - is there any problem with doing this? I understand that it has to be level with the water in the pond so this will be mostly under ground also.

    In addition to this filter I am assuming that I need a pump, an air pump and a UV filter. Can the air pump be used for the Nexus and also the bottom drain or would it have to be seperate?

    In terms of the piping - is this something a complete novice could undertake?

    Do I need a skimmer and is this even possible to install with using sleepers? Can the pump be shared with this or would it have to be seperate?

    In terms of the return from the Nexus, I would have this coming though the block / sleepers trhough the lining under water - how does one go about this without lots of hassle / risk of leaks?

    Is there anything else I need to consider before commencing this build?

    Many thanks in advance for reading this and any advice provided.

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    Lots of questions there

    i would assume you will need to concrete yes lots of pond build diaries that you can swat up on

    Not sure that a bottom drain works unless completely below the water not in it so it will in effect be concreted in

    Air Pump can be used for both bottom drain and nexus as long as its man enough

    I dont beleive there is a problem with filter being 4 ms away but you would need to check pump flow rates etc

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    First off, easiest way to increase the water volume is my baking it deeper. Make your pond 1.5m deep. Lots of benefits with more water volume.

    pipework is easy. Just measure twice, cut once and when you use the glue be generous with it on both parts and be mindful is sets quickly so have it all in place first measured and marked

    you don’t need a skimmer but it makes a massive difference. I was debating not putting one on my grow on pond but swung to the idea even for that

    installing a skimmer in sleepers is possible just need to make a space for it to sit.

    Regarding the return just need a flange with liner plate and a tube of decent pond sealer. I done this it was easy and didn’t leak, I’m useless at DIY. Just again be generous with the sealant and ensure it’s uniformly covered.

    as previously said 4m is ok,

    id think about getting a sieve or bead filter to attach to the skimmer line

    don’t run the bottom drain and skimmer to the same filter.

    get variable pond pumps, especially for your nexus as you can then tweak it to get the perfect flow. They cost a bit more in the short term but save you money in the long term if you buy a bigger one and use it at a lower setting.

    I personally don’t like the aerated bottom drains. I prefer to have my air off centre. At the opposite edge of my skimmer and it helps push all debris towards the skimmer and doesn’t completely distort the view of the fish. And it’s less pipework and will save you a chunk of money in pipes and the skimmer itself and I think makes the pond actually perform better.

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    Also get a quote for fibreglassing. It doesn’t work out that much more expensive vs a box liner & the sealant required. And when you take into consideration it looks better, and takes away the aggro and worry of installing bottom drains and skimmer and returns. Probably an extra 400 quid but peace of mind and its perfect then

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    Thanks for all the helpful replies.

    My current pond is odd shaped and takes up way too much space for what it is. So I definitely want to get something new.

    Regarding the skimmer - if this has a dedicated filter and I correct to assume it needs a dedicated pump?

    Do you just have your air below the surface or still from the floor?

    And finally is it just standard plumbing piping or something specilist for this application?

    Many thanks once again

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    here's a related question.
    If you have an underwater return, how do you measure the flow rate ?



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