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    New sleeper pond

    Hi guys just in the planning stages of my new pond, I was thinking 16 ft x 8ft x 4ft deep, 3ft above ground. Sleepers sat on a concrete collar with dpm to protect from the moisture. Gravity fed.
    I can get hardwood sleepers cheaper than softwood, the hardwood are more waney and will split, this doesn't sound ideal? Any advice

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    The hardwood ones are infinitely better than the softwood ones generally, but I've never specifically built a pond with them, so others will know better.
    I would think the softwood ones would start to rot straight away from condensation on the back of the liner unless you insulated it.
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    hard wood will look nicer if you can get 'good quality' hardwood sleepers.
    some of them are very warped and split and have nail patches over the end grain basically holding them together.
    plus i'd imagine cutting and drilling is not so easy...
    but sawn, planed and chamfered jarrah looks fantastic

    treated soft wood will last fine as long as you can keep them up out of the ground, on a concrete collar
    and use a DPC.
    in the ground they will rot, speed depending on your ground soil type, and how wet it gets...

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    So lumped for the softwood sleepers in the end, the plan is definatley a concrete collar with rebar and dpc, question is how big should I make the concrete collar? Above ground will be 70cm water height, 4.8m x 2.4m



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