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Thread: Pond Roof

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    Pond Roof

    So I'm putting a roof on my pond, similar to that which the Koi Whisperer has done if anyone watches his YouTube channel. However I'm concerned that the wind may rip it from the walls, has anyone experienced this before?

    My plan is to resin fix a steel rod down through the wall at each corner of the pond (4) and then bolt post holders to this for the posts to go onto. I plan to drill 500mm down for this so around 5 blocks deep.

    Any words of advice or caution to note?

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    I remember googling wind shear and lift when i built my pergola.
    Its not as bad as you think, if building a roof from heavy timbers. Mine is concreted in the ground with 300kgs of postfix
    but the weight of the timber alone was not a mile off...

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