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    Do I need a liner?

    This is not strictly a Koi question but I hope it's allowed none the less ...

    My current pond is an embarrassment. It was installed in a hurry, some 20 years ago when the patio was being laid. The pond is far too small (~450 litres and 0.35m deep), has a hard plastic liner that has sunk in places, has no pump chamber, and the filter was an afterthought, with lots of exposed pipework. I'd like to build a new pond that is around 2,500 - 3,000 litres and 0.75-1m deep. I was wondering whether I could put in a 15-20cm concrete base on which a rectangular pond chamber is built from blue engineering bricks, back-filled with 10-15cm of concrete, with ties between the bricks and the concrete? My thinking being that I could build plant supports and shelves inside the pond from lightweight concrete blocks and [relatively] easily move them in the future if needed.

    My big question is "Would such a pond be sufficiently watertight or do I need a liner"? If not, and I installed a custom welded liner then would it take the weight of the concrete blocks inside the pond without damage being caused?

    All thoughts, comments, etc would be very much appreciated.

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    I wouldn't go putting concrete blocks into the pond as the chemicals they would release into the water will be toxic to the fish I think you'll find.
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