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    Installing a water blade


    I have a 1.2m long water blade to install.

    Question is how to install it so that I can brick across the top? Anyone got any guides/pictures of what they have done?


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    Hi mate,

    To brick across the top you will probably need to use a small steel above the blade to take the brick weight and be able to remove the blade in the future.


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    I added a timber frame over the top of mine and marine plywood front that I sealed and tiled, you can't see that it is not the same as the rest...it works very well, though if I had the time at the time I would have likely got a door lintel or the like instead, maybe Installing a water blade

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    As said above , you`ll need to support the brickwork that`s above the blade . Think of it like installing a house window , using a lintel .

    Depending on the weight of brick above , you could use a steel or concrete lintel , or maybe a piece of 4x2 timber would suffice . Just dont fit it too tight , incase you need to remove it at some point .

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