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    RIP Mark Gardner

    Not sure how recent but heard that Mark has passed due to covid. Very very sad watched a lot of his videos and learnt a lot from him. As most of you probably do, I watch all the main bloggers on YouTube and donít really watch tv at all anymore lol. And Mark gave everything into this hobbie and it was great to watch his blogs! He will be missed rip buddy !

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    Very sad.Another forum stated he died from a heart attack while fighting covid .Whatever it was,it was way too soon

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    Saw this earlier in the week, very sad.

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    I agree, much too soon. For anyone who doesn't know, Mark passed away on 3rd January and he was only 49.

    RIP Mark.

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    He will be missed , and all his you tube blog`s RIP MARK

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    Mark had so much planned for 2021 and despite the number of adverts in his earlier YT videos that I always used to moan at him about, his videos gave us a real insight into the Japanese way of breeding, raising and growing Koi that nobody else does. His Koi breeding activities were very interesting to follow and he spent much of lockdown setting up for a great future of breeding numerous varieties of Koi. He gave a lot to the hobby and still had a lot more to give.

    His website often provided information that was unobtainable otherwise and would be my first port of call on news coming from Japan.

    A big loss to not just the UK hobby, but the Koi hobby in general. RIP Mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manky Sanke View Post
    I agree, much too soon. For anyone who doesn't know, Mark passed away on 3rd January and he was only 49.

    RIP Mark.
    Blimey... only 49

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    RIP Mark

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