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    Heat pump decision

    Hello All,

    we have just complete the build of our first pond. It is mostly above ground with kingsman round the side and fibreglassed.

    looking to heat the pond over the winter months. We have found the heat pumps on line links below. Wanting to spend approx £1000 The dream one looks good for price but they have since been in touch and said prices on website are incorrect. Itís now £1099

    you opinions are Greatly appreciated




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    You do have to be careful when choosing a heat pump, because you are shopping in what is effectively a swimming pool market- these pumps are designed to run in summer months only, and have a thermostat that can only go down to 15C for that reason.

    What you tend to find is that if use one of these on a pond over winter, you need to overspec the size or it will not be capable of achieving the temp you set, and. You might have issues with efficiency being no better than electric in line heater when temps are down very low, which they will be at times in a UK winter.

    There are some heat pumps that are designed to do better in UK winters. You would need to spend more money usually to get one, but would be more fit for purpose. I got a Duratech Dura 10 plus for mine, but there are other brands that have a proven track record on koi ponds also.

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